Pulp Gaming!

Bad news folks – looks like we’re going to be short a couple more people than we thought, so tonight’s sessions is canceled.  The session for next week remains as-scheduled.  I would like to schedule the replacement for this session sometime this week other than tomorrow (Tuesday) or Sunday or sometime next week.  What works out for you guys?

What are good times for you guys to schedule The Murder of Juras Kraxian?  I’m thinking July 14 and 21 at 7:30-8pm?  Toss your thoughts and availabilities into the comments and we’ll figure something out since, much like Alex, I am much less available after 30 July.

Episode Two Cometh!

Writing for the next two chapters are coming along smoothly. First up will be The Murder of Juras Kraxian, written and directed by Samuel Thomason, which is pretty much done and ready to be scheduled. Almost immediately thereafter we’ll have The Secret of Merylsward, a Very Diff’rent Adventure, Indeed! (Written/directed by me, of course!)

I anticipate that Murder shall take two sessions, which we should begin to schedule as soon as possible. I’ll leave it up to the DM to name his stakes – for my part, I am more available than not up until the 30th and 31st of July, when I shall unexpectedly disappear for the better part of two weeks.

(Looking further into the future, I believe Secret shall take between four to six sessions, possibly more depending on how deeply you delve into the so named secrets. Since I anticipate that such will begin when Schedules Become Difficult, we’ll leave the scheduling on that for later.)

For those of you who have dropped your reviews – my thanks. I hear what you’re sayin’ about the challenges – I’m working on said kinks for next time. I’ll also in the next few days be posting the rules for making your own Challenges as well as other minor tidbits, of interest only to those who want to peek behind the curtain, not anything you need to be familiar with as a player. If you haven’t dropped your review and have something to say, you’ve still got plenty of time.

Hey all – got your salvaged goods here.  Also, a quick reminder to write your reviews for the adventure – Eliaven needs his bonus XP! – and a thank you to those of you who already have.  (Quick link to the review instructions if you need it.)

Loot Recovered: (and sell value)

Amon Ru’ul’s spellbook: 1,250 gp
Mwk. silvered short sword (x10): 2,000 gp (200 gp individual)
+1 breastplate: 675 gp
Mwk. greataxe: 160 gp
Brute gauntlets: 250 gp (3 charges/day, morale bonus to Strength checks, skill checks and damage rolls)

Total sale value: 4335 gp
Individual share: 722 gp, 5 sp

For recovery of the Flames of Ator you will also receive your promised payment of 12,000 gp, for an individual share of 2,000 gp each.

Pulp Adventure One Review

As a note, this will primarily be a review of the experimental rules and format used in the Pulp campaign as opposed to a review of the adventure itself. From that perspective, everything was just fine. It was a simple story, but it was easy to be motivated about pushing through to the next moment because of the clear good guys versus bad guys mentality of Pulp.



About Pulp Gaming

The idea behind Pulp Gaming came to me as the natural evolution of Open Game Night combined with a little of the Arena. The concept is to have short, action-packed adventures mimicking old pulp serials and comic books, with swashbuckling action and derring-do, and lacking in the heavy politicking or absorbed plot exposition that a campaign requires. It’s like having multiple one-shots, but linking them together with recurring heroes (and possibly villains!) from week to week.